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Personal Training

If you are working toward a specific goal or would like individual coaching, I offer full service Personal Training programs. Here’s what you receive:

Complete Customization

Your program will begin with a complete assessment of your current physical capabilities, history and goals.  I will evaluate movement patterns, range of motion, strength levels, structural balance and any limitations. I work with you to determine your training goals and priorities so that I can develop just the right program for you.

Expert Coaching

My mission is to help you get the results you are looking for. My extensive experience allows me to dial in exactly the right dose for you so that you can make progress. From performing movements as safely and effectively as possible, to improving your ability, to transforming your body, I will help you move forward.

What’s Included In a Personal Training Program?

  • Private personal training sessions ranging from 1-4 days per week
  • Custom training program tailored to your needs and ability
  • Body composition analysis and nutritional counseling
  • Customized warmups, cardiovascular workouts, and supplemental workouts (for travel or off-site workouts)
  • Telephone and email coaching support

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