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In my 12th year of working as a Navy SEAL, I jumped out of bed one morning and collapsed.  This was the beginning of my long road through a severe back injury that left me partially paralyzed in my right leg.  (You can read my full back story here). I had gone from the peak of my career in one of the world’s most physically demanding jobs, to chronic pain, using high levels of medication to cope, and being told by the medical community that I would never regain full function. I eventually learned how to overcome these problems and regain my quality of life and am now dedicated to helping as many people as I can realize their own power of recovery.

Being injured and not seeing a path to healing and recovery is where many people find themselves today. I can’t count the number of people that have walked in our door thinking that they had permanently lost full range of motion in a joint, or that they would never lift anything heavy again, or jump, run, etc.  It seems that most of us have some type of physical roadblock standing in the way of an enjoyable, active, physical life. But our bodies are amazingly resilient and we can overcome much more than most people realize.

While the road to recovery is usually longer than anyone would like, major improvement is often very possible.  I have helped hundreds of people end chronic pain in their back, regain full range of motion and strength in their shoulders, squat without pain, and overcome a host of other problems.

If you are dealing with some type of stubborn physical challenge I would love to help. Please fill out the contact form to come in for a 30 minute free consult.