When I started three and half years ago, I had no strength training experience. I had never participated in sports, and the last time I had seen the inside of a gym was for my PE class in high-school (over 20 years prior). Fortunately for me, when I met Dave, he chose to see me as a blank slate–no bad habits and only room for improvement!  After two years of careful instruction and continual encouragement by Dave and the other trainers, I amazed myself with my first pull-up, and about six months ago, my first dip! Granted, these are just baby steps, but I never imagined doing these skills just a few short years ago.

Perhaps the most surprising part of my experience at has been recognizing the confidence I have gained in the gym and seeing how that has carried over to other aspects of my life. Not only have I gotten physically stronger and thereby feel more comfortable participating in recreational activities with friends, but overcoming daunting challenges in the gym has given me greater confidence to tackle challenges in my daily life as well.




I’ve been comingfor over two years now. I was nervous before my first class — sometimes I still get nervous! — but I have never been to a gym that is so supportive, as well as so challenging. The workouts can be scaled to any fitness level; I might be in a class with people lifting less weight than me, or ten times more, but all of us will be working hard and testing our own individual limits. When everyone is challenged this way, it generates an overwhelming feeling of, “We’re all in this together!” That camaraderie and encouragement help me do more than I ever imagined; the progress is tangible, and addictive. Best of all, I know there will always be a new way for me to challenge myself.




Shortly after my wife, Alison, and I decided to move to Seattle, I stumbled upon Dave Werner’s bio on the web.  I told Alison, “That is the guy I need to go see when we get to Seattle.”  Soon after we arrived, I made my way over to see Dave.

Dave started teaching me things I thought I knew.  He slowed down my movements, corrected my form and mistakes. Dave pushed when necessary, but more importantly, he often made me back off and focus on form.  The path has been bumpy and there have been struggles on the way, but I have not been stuck on the floor for days in back pain since I started with Dave.  I have not had to rely on chiropractors and medication to keep me moving.  I am as strong as I was as a Division 1 athlete 20 years ago, but now I understand how to be safe and how to work with my body.  Dave looks out for me, checks in with me frequently, and answers my numerous questions with aplomb.


Tawn & CB


When CB and I first started, over 5 years ago now, we were broken, weak and facing some serious disability due to injuries and lack of proper strength training. I'll never forget the first training class with Dave when he told me to do a squat and I laughed and said I couldn't because of my knee. He said, you can't do a squat the wrong way..but I bet you can do it correctly. That was the start of my addiction to CrossFit. I am in better shape physically and strength wise now than I ever have been in my life. I can snowboard longer, better and with more athletic ability than ever before. Strength and agility has made me pain free and it makes just everyday things easier. Work has become far less painful and I just move better in general. I'll never be a "skinny" person, my Nordic genes just won't allow it...but I can be a fit person and look and move better. You guys don't just provide a "workout" but an education to better ones body both physically and nutritionally.  

You have never strayed from what seemed to be your goal...getting people stronger by doing things right without all the attitude and machismo that so often go along with gyms. You guys have created an atmosphere where everyone is welcome and able to work out no matter your fitness level, size or age. 




I was in physical therapy for back issues during my first pregnancy.  It sucked!  For my second, I did not have back issues, and decided to keep doing CrossFit.  I honestly feel that my pregnancy and delivery were relatively easier the second time around because of it.  It made recovery faster too!  I just listened to my body as I progressively got larger, but found that I was able to do most everything.  Dave helped me to scale, keeping me in line while still challenging me.

I wound up being comfortable for most of the duration of my pregnancy, and I attribute this completely to CrossFit.  What a relief!




I thought continuing with my CrossFit workouts while I was pregnant kept me both physically strong and mentally sane.  I found the workouts prepared me for my long labor and made my recovery time so much faster than I ever expected.  There was so much support for my workouts from the entire staff and my workout partners that I was psyched to get in there each time and move my body around.  Of course, I had to modify my workouts but it made my entire pregnancy a much better experience and after returning from my maternity leave I was still able to do some pull-ups!




By the time I appeared on CrossFit Seattle’s (then CrossFit North) doorstep, my body had experienced the gamut of fitness extremes.  From a physically comatose youth in whom factories of Oreo’s went to die — I would have to go home sick from PE if we had been made to run the length of the gym– to transforming into a treadmill psychopath in college, I thought I had achieved some degree of conditioning.  I could spin transfixed on the gym machines for hours, like a rat on a wheel, but I was going nowhere, getting nothing but thin and exhausted.  I felt gross and didn’t look much better.  And then, like some kind of divine fitness intervention, I read an advertisement from Dave & Nancy’s gym: “Get Strong…” it said.  Those two words stood out like a beacon for me.  That said it all, and that’s what I wanted.

To be honest, the first year was awful.  I suffered.  But here’s the thing about CrossFit — it gives you a goal, one workout at a time.  A pure crystalline end state, 30 of this, 20 of that, just get through these few moments and then life gets better.  If you’ve got a work ethic, even better!  A workout becomes exhilarating, and even if you’re the last to finish, you won’t be the last for long.  Each time you get a little better.  Also, you engage your brain!  If you thought calculus was mental, try lifting weight properly.  Simple is not easy.  And finally, you will meet great people who will teach you, befriend you, and push you.  Because they know you can do it.




I have had chronic lower back pain for as long as I can remember. As a 56 year old man, the only time my back didn’t hurt was when I got regular exercise.  My wife had been goingfor about a year and always was coming home telling me the different stretches, weight work, kettlebell swings, (whatever that is) and then what the work out was for that day. It was always different and she would be so excited and tell me how much she hurt and couldn’t wait for her next visit. Didn’t make sense to me.  After constant and quite annoying exhilaration from Nathalie, I agreed to give it a try.  A year and a half later, I have learned that spending money on myself is the only way I will be able to be as flexible, active and feeling great.

I have come to love the constant feed back regarding technique from all the trainers. They are truly caring, knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness and fun to be around. They are also great motivators. This expert training has kept me from getting hurt as well as keeping things interesting and I'm getting much stronger. Stronger than I thought possible. My body actually looks different in a good way.




I’m 61 years old, and I have arthritis and a hip replacement.  I had chronic hip pain and I thought I was doomed to a life of decrepitude.  I really didn’t think I could improve my mobility or strength.  Then I heard about CrossFit and made an appointment with Dave.  He identified my weaknesses and said I needed to get my hips moving properly.  I could barely squat to a high stack of mats!  Now, four years later, I feel great!  I’m fitter, stronger, and more mobile then I can ever remember.  Dave has always been very generous with his advice and time and I have learned so much from him.