In the Beginning
This all started because of my realization that I had to heal my back.  After 10 years of being in chronic pain it finally dawned on me that I was going to have to take matters into my own hands and figure out what could be done, if anything.  [Read my back story].  I turned my little one car garage in north Seattle into a minimalist workout space and eventually started training a few people there. 

Finding CrossFit (via my workout buddy Robb Wolf) was a game changer.  That was back in early 2002 when Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai had been posting workouts for just over a year.  After a while I came to realize how the subject of fitness and all it’s side projects encompassed so many of my passions – engineering (building things), mechanics of the body, learning and teaching.  Becoming a gym owner was a natural next step.

Teaching Quality Movement
My focus has always been on quality movement because that is what allowed me to heal myself and subsequently help others.  Quality movement leads to greater performance not injury.  Helping my clients understand the value and skill of quality fitness and movement is my job.

Regards, Dave

Dave Werner served as a Navy SEAL for 12 years, founded the first CrossFit Affiliate in 2002, is creator of the Athletic Skill Levels and is owner of and